Axe Throwing

AXE & Knife Throwing

Axe Throwing Edinburgh
Axe Throwing Edinburgh
Axe Throwing Edinburgh

What's Included?

If Viking Axe Throwing classes were a bit before your time. No Problem.  Let our expert team of Axe instructors show you how to be an axe-throwing master ace.

Axe Throwing is for Groups is cool, fast-paced, super competitive oh and a whole lot of fun. Never thrown an axe before? Don’t worry, there will be instructors on hand with advice and throwing tips for everyone. we’re with you every step of the way.

The urban sport works in a similar format to tenpin bowling or archery, with wooden targets at the end of lanes and small hatchet style axes thrown at them. It is a test of skill, not strength, which means everybody and anybody can master it.

More Information

Knife and Axe throwing is designed to test your hunting skills using 3 hunting weapons. Unleash your inner Viking and launch a few axes at our large wooden targets.  Wonderful therapy after a bad day at the office.

You will get to use throwing knives, Red Indian style Tomahawks and potentially double handed throwing axes (due to the size and weight of the AXE, this is at the discretion of the instructor).

There is nothing more satisfying than being the 1st in your group to stick all 3 of your specially forged throwing knives in our huge log targets, with the deep thud of the huge double handed woodsman axe as it hits it mark.

That said we can assure you this is not as easy as it looks, because as well as being referred to as a very satisfying event for those that have the knack, its also very frustrating if you just can’t calm your heart and focus your mind.

Our Edinburgh Knife and Axe Throwing sessions will last 1 hour.

The minimum age requirement for this activity is 16 years.

Axe Throwing

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