Combat Archery Edinburgh – NEW

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Looking for something a bit different from Indoor Footie?.  Ever secretly wanted to be Robing Hood for a Day?.  Its time!.   Look no further as we transporting you and the lads back to  Medieval times. Book a Combat Archery Session and let our Event Co-ordinator set up some cool new games that are guaranteed to be Orignal, competitive, and a whole load of fun.


In this game, the group gets split into two teams each player gets 2 arrows. The teams start from a base designated by the host. The teams navigate their way around the obstacle trying to avoid enemy fire. If you are hit by the opposite team you must drop your arrows retreat back to your base and start again. DODGE ARROW

The rules of this game follow the rules of dodgeball. The teams start at opposite ends and race into the middle to collect arrows from a buffer zone. You must not cross onto the other team’s side. Once you have collected your arrows you must retreat to your side and unleash your inner Robin Hood on the other team. The aim is to hit the opposing players to eliminate them from the game, when you are hit by the arrow you are eliminated. However, your teammates can get you back in if they can skillfully catch an arrow fired by the opposition.


Following the rules of dodge-arrow except for one minor little detail…… when you’re hit your out! If you eliminate the whole opposite team you win! If after 10 minutes neither team is eliminated then the team with the most active players on the field wins.


This game requires skill and tactics. This game requires you to collect as much loot as possible (cones, bibs, etc). You must go out onto the field under enemy fire and collect as much of the loot as you can and return it to your storage area. Each team has 1 storage area and a base. If you are hit you must drop your loot and arrows and return to your base and then you can return to the field. You must defend your loot from the other team as they will attempt to steal it! The team with the most loot wins!


Players line along the edge of the field all armed with bows and arrows. The hen/stag must run the gauntlet from one side of the field to the other trying to minimise the hits from the players.


A flag/cone will be placed on top of each team’s base. The objective of the game is to capture the opposing team’s flag/cone and successfully take it back to your own base without being hit. If you are hit whilst holding the flag/cone then you must drop it where you stand and head back to your base to “respawn” back into the game.

Our Combat Archery sessions are packed with action from start to finish & we aim to tailor the event to your taste.

Your event host on the day will go through the options & make it an experience to remember.

Combat Archery Edinburgh – NEW

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Latest Reviews

Joseph Gough 11/10/2021

5-star review of
We did the Mini Highland Games and also the Paintballing through John at Edinburgh Stag & Hen Do Co. Both things went off without a hitch and the travel to and fro was perfectly on time. We also booked the accommodation on Gilmore Pl. With 18 fellas on the trip the accommodation had it's own key pad systems for each room and for the front door! No need to be bothering anyone about lost keys etc.

James F 04/10/2021

Highly Recommended!
We booked the Highland games followed by a whiskey tasting and it was fantastic! The day went seamlessly, we were picked up from where we requested by a minivan and then taken to the games which were run by a fantastic instructor, then back to the centre where we had the whiskey tasting. John was quick to respond, easy to get in touch with and organised everything we needed for a great day. He went above and beyond with recommendations on places to go and eat/drink too, would highly recommend anyone wanting to book a stag do in Edinburgh to use him! Thank you!

Joanne Ritchie 30/09/2021


What a fantastic day. We did the mini Highland games for my sister’s hen. Everyone absolutely loved it. Everything was well organised and it was a right laugh and we got to try lots of different activities. This suited our group as we had mix ages and one member of the group was pregnant so people were able to sit out certain activities if they didn’t feel up to it. Was lovely getting out of the city for a while and we got a stunning day for it. Thank you all again for such a great experience. We will definitely recommend this to friends.

James Gutteridge 30/09/2021

The Mini Highland games were so much fun! The stag group I was with had a great time and really thought it was the highlight of our weekend-long trip to Edinburgh. The drive out from Edinburgh was just over an hour and our large group of 12 people meant that we had about 2 hours at the farm taking part in the games, which was well worth it. The setting was great and we really leant into the team spirit - as well as insulting each other all through the event, which really got everyone laughing. Really really great time. Highly recommend!

Paul Abernethy 30/09/2021

Excellent. John was great from the get-go, quick to respond, and very easy to get in touch with. As soon as the stag group stopped messing around with what they wanted to do John immediately gave me a price and got it all booked. A few weeks prior we had another couple of latecomers. This didn't pose a problem and John made the changes to the booking.

The day itself was fantastic. The bus driver picked us up at the time and place arranged and got us to the mini Highland Games. This was great fun and I would definitely do it again. Petrol karts to follow were a hit with the guys a certainly worth it.

Nora 01/10/2021

Highly recommend-- a PERFECT day =)
We searched for something that would be fun for all ages for a pre-wedding event. There were 10 of us (aged 30-80) and Bert at the Clay Pigeon Shooting Range was absolutely phenomenal. He made sure all of us were able to hit some of the targets (no matter how terrible we were to start). Such an amazing instructor. Thank you to John for arranging and Bert for making a perfect day out!

Mr Alastair Davidson 29/09/2021

Edinburgh Stag took all the pressure…
Edinburgh Stag took all the pressure and stress out of organising my son’s stag do. John was extremely helpful, giving me a few options to suit my budget. We had 3 activities book. John had a backup plan in case of unseen problems. Their accommodation in the city centre catered for the 14 person party. More than enough space as the property could sleep over 30. Clean and comfortable. A definite 10/10 from me!