Edinburgh Hovercrafts

Edinburgh Hovercrafts
Edinburgh Hovercrafts
Edinburgh Hovercrafts
Edinburgh Hovercrafts

What's Included?

Hovercraft Training and Race Session
Helmet, waterproofs abd safety gear as required
All the kit you need to take part
Qualified instruction and supervision
Scores, results and Prize
Tea/Coffee & Refreshments
Public liability insurance

More Information

Edinburgh hovercrafts racing is a very cool, fun, adrenaline pumping activity which is bit different from the norm, then you should seriously consider Hovercraft racing.
Get on your helmet and overalls and get ready to race our mini hovercraft’s around the track against the clock in search of glory and bragging rights.
Equally at home on land or water. Mini hovercraft’s have no brakes and actually float on the air which is loads of fun. Experience the thrill of actually hovering above the ground on a cushion of air, and test your skills as you man-oeuvre the hovercraft around our circuit.
These fantastic Edinburgh hovercrafts can be handled by anyone aged 16 years or over. Full safety equipment and tuition are provided as standard.
We operate two single-seat hovercraft with everyone enjoying 10 minutes practice time flying up and down a large grass field. After you have got to grips with the hovercraft controls, you are then timed over six laps, weaving in and out of cones, with a five second penalty for each cone hit. The hovercraft handle very differently from a standard vehicle, having no brakes and requiring the operator to lean into the turn. They are great fun and very competitive when it comes to the timed sessions.
Edinburgh Hovercrafts Racing What to Expect
Each person will get about 30 minutes each so a group of 10 persons using 2 hovercrafts will take about 3 hours.
You are on your knees for the whole time so if you have a dodgy knee or an old footie injury you might want toswerve this and arrange a game of dominoes instead.
Our venue is located about 45 minutes from Edinburgh city centre. You can either arrange you own transport or we can arrange for our luxury mini bus will collect you at your accommodation and get you to and from the event.
£40 per person – Hovercrafts
£60 per person – Hovercrafts & transport

Edinburgh Hovercrafts

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