Offroad Driving Edinburgh
Offroad Driving Edinburgh
Offroad Driving Edinburgh
Offroad Driving Edinburgh

What's Included?

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Experienced Driver/Guide
  • Fantastic Course
  • Fun
  • Challenging
  • Amazing Experience

More Information

Are you ready for the finest off-road driving experience in Scotland, check out our Extreme 4×4 off-road driving course, specially designed to give you the true thrill of off-roading with your own Scottish road adventure.

Our off-road vehicles include Land Rovers (Land Rover Defenders, to be specific) that are perfect for 4×4 driving. You don’t need to be an off-road driver to enjoy off-road driving; we’ve put together a 4×4 off-road driving experience that everyone can enjoy in Scotland.

Our off-road experience is designed to introduce drivers to the skill of 4×4 off-road driving; negotiating a variety of terrains including steep ascents, descents and traverses. Mud holes and river rides make this 4×4 driving experience in Edinburgh a must for aspiring off-roaders and thrill-seekers alike.

Thanks to the Top Notch highly qualified instructors you don’t need many driving skills to enjoy a 4×4 driving experience in Scotland; just a driver’s license and a passion for off-road driving! Our experienced instructors are on hand to help you master the essentials of 4×4 off-road driving in rugged and sturdy Land Rover Defenders.

You will leave our 4×4 off-road driving track with an off-road driving experience, a few new driving techniques, and unforgettable memories to boot!


For the 4×4 off-road driving experience, up to three guests will drive the iconic Land Rover Defender where you will learn and experience a range of 4×4 driving techniques for negotiating ascents, descents, side slopes and water runs; all culminating in an off-road course that develops some exciting driving skills and ensures a diverse off-road adventure.

Our specially designed 4×4 off-road driving course incorporates hills, slopes and features all set in the picturesque Scottish woodland surrounding Edinburgh. This is an amazing experience and all the more memorable to experience just what these off-road vehicles are capable of!.


» We ask 4×4 Drivers to be age 17 and a full drivers license is necessary
» Spectators are welcome to take a spare seat in the back of the vehicle if available



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