Indoor Paintball Edinburgh

indoor paintball Edinburgh
Paintball Edinburgh
indoor paintball Edinburgh
indoor paintball Edinburgh
indoor paintball Edinburgh

What's Included?

Full Safety Equipment(Jumpsuit, Team Colours, Helmet)
Stag/Best Man M16 weapon upgrade
100 Paintballs
Qualified instruction and supervision
Game Results
Public liability insurance
Certified Safety Briefings & Instruction

More Information

Looking for a blast. Start your weekend at our fantastic URBAN INDOOR PAINTBALL venue. No worries about the weather as our cool, trendy indoor paintball arena will be open so your weekend will go without a hitch. Also with a free M16 weapon upgrade for the stag and the best man we can guarantee you can keep the lads at bay with your superior weaponry. Enough said.
Urban Indoor Paintball is an exhilarating and tactical team war game which is a great escape from everyday life. Run through 6 x various war zones and scenarios in our the cool urban indoor facility. Shoot your mates for fun with paint pellets and throw a few undisclosed mystifiers with the aim of emerging victorious.
Specially trained Marshals will provide full instruction and remind you that you can’t get up yet as you are still dead. No matter the weather outside or time of year our facility is open so you can plan your stag with confidence.
On our Mini Monty basic package you will be provided with 100 paint pellets, helmet, camouflage jumpsuit, complete with team colours, anti-mist mask complete with skip-cap which protects your face, forehead and most importantly your eyes.
Looking for the ULTIMATE paintball experience for a limited time we are including:
M16 Machine Gun Upgrade for Stag & best Man
Jumpsuit, Team Colours, Helmet
Tipmann 98 Semi Automatic Marker
Hunt The Stag Game & 2 Missions
Proto Switch mask
AND 100 paint pellets per person-enough for 1 hour
In case of emergency. Extra paintballs can be purchased at discounted rates
What To Expect
When you come to play at Urban Paintball Edinburgh the 100 paintball starter session lasts 1 hour. During this time you will play a minimum of 2 different objective based missions before the final Hunt the Stag mission. This is where the Stag/best man M16 upgrade will be required. Our facility is located just 5 minutes from Edinburgh city centre and no matter what the weather, we will be open.
Great paintball experience. Don’t forget that our specially trained Marshals will tell you that you can’t get up yet as you are still dead. If in doubt or under pressure sneak away and purchase some Gas and an Inferno gun from the base and go out with a bang. That should be enough to make you a legend.
Our Indoor paintball venue is situated 5 minutes from Edinburgh City Centre. You can either arrange you own transport or we can arrange for our luxury mini bus will collect you at your accommodation and get you to and from the event.
Paintball £25 – 100 Paintballs & Equipment
FULL MONTY Paintball £40 – 400 Paintballs, Smoke Grenade, Paint Grenade, – Machine Gun upgrade & Equipment

Indoor Paintball Edinburgh

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