Its A Knockout

Its A Knockout Edinburgh
Its A Knockout Edinburgh
Its A Knockout Edinburgh
Its A Knockout Edinburgh

What's Included?

  • Free Its a Knockout Team T-Shirt
  • Games
  • Unlimited Fun
  • Unlimited Laughs

More Information

Its a Knockout Edinburgh a TOP day to remember!

If you are looking for a Hilarious event for your Stag Do or Hen Party.  Look no further.  It’s A knockout is the best team building exercise, offering unlimited fun, mad moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s a Knockout is perfect for all occasions whether your hosting a stag and hen party, corporate/ charity event or even a birthday.

Custom built and all brand new It’s a Knockout features various giant inflatables, slippery moments, milking and costumes that guarantee you a day filled with fun and laughter.

The perfect activity for all ages, It’s a Knockout is a firm favourite and a hit everytime. So be sure to head on down to our Edinburgh site for a day to remember.

‘Open’ sessions run most Saturdays. The minimum number is 5, as you would normally be mixed with other groups.

We can also run private sessions most days for a minimum of 15 people at our venue. We can even bring It’s a Knockout to your venue if you have enough room.

It’s a Knockout Edinburgh games :

  • 10 Maids A Milking – A relay race over/under the inflatable to the cow which must be milked to fill the bucket. First team to fill the bucket with water wins!
  • Caterpillar tracks – A race to the end of the track and and back, each team must staying in their own lane with all contestants inside the caterpillar track.
  • Penguin Pursuits – Race to the cone dressed in a penguin suit, throw your hula hoop over the penguin and then return to your team and swap the suit with a team mate for their turn.
  • Chicken Run – race through the inflatable, collecting pieces of chicken. Take what you find under the cargo net to the bucket at the end. Team with the most pieces of chicken wins.
  • Rapid Run – the objective is to transfer as much water as possible from one end to the other on the raft pulled at both ends by your team.
  • Ski Funday – All the contestants must stand on the team ski’s together and race their skis up and then and back down their own lane.
  • Water Works – With a big bucket of water at one end and an empty bucket at the other, the team must stand in hoops and transfer as much water as possible using only sponges!
  • Fast Food Frenzy – Each team has 10 items of food to collect amongst all the foam, and throw to the nominated ‘chef’, the winning team is the first to collect all 10 pieces.

The games are are subject to change as we dream up and introduce even better events.:

Its A Knockout

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