River Bugs Edinburgh

River Bugs Edinburgh
River Bugs in Edinburgh
River Bugs in Edinburgh

What's Included?

Half day River Bug Session
Helmet waterproofs and Webbed Gloves
All the kit you need to take part
Qualified instruction and supervision
Easy, difficult and Extreme Rapids
Public liability insurance
10-30 minute Training Session

More Information

River Bugs Edinburgh are the latest things to hit the UK shores from the adventure island called New Zealand. Those Kiwis are always bringing us the latest crazy activities, I mean who else would come up with the Bungee Jump?!
River Bugs, which are a cross between a white-water raft and an armchair, 1-person rafts that are like a giant inflatable armchair! Inflatable chambers ensure you stay on top of the water, while extra thick padding turns crashing through rocks and white water into a low-impact dodgems ride.
River bugging trips are available on the River Tummel and River Tay all year round. The activity operates, 7 days a week. River bugs are a great way to play on the river if you want that little bit more excitement, and are ideal for summer river levels as you don’t have to wait for the rain to gain the thrills of the outdoors!
After receiving expert instruction from our experienced river bug guides. You will be able to run the rapids, catch eddies, surf standing waves and even pirouette!. We’ll get you out on the river(complete with your webbed gloves) and help you negotiate your own path down the white water rapids.
Maximum group number is 22 as we have a fleet of 22 river bugs.
River Bugging Locations
River Tummel Pitlochry
River Tay Aberfeldy
PACKAGES – River Bugs are included in our RIVER WILD ADRENALINE RUSH 2 night multi activity package. If you add this activity to White Water Rafting we can offer a £20 discount – £90.
Who needs a big raft when you can have a 1 man floating armchair. Seriously this activity is a absolute blast. Guaranteed to cure any hangovers…….. permanently.
Oour venue is situated 20-30 minutes from Edinburgh City Centre. You can either arrange you own transport or we can arrange for our luxury mini bus will collect you at your accommodation and get you to and from the event.
RIVER BUGS £50 Per person
with Transport – £75 per person

River Bugs Edinburgh

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