Whisky Tasting Edinburgh

whisky tasting edinburgh
whisky tasting edinburgh
whisky tasting edinburgh
whisky tasting Edinburgh
whisky tasting edinburgh

What's Included?

2 hour VIP Tour and Tasting
Private Tutor for Group
Free minaiture of whisky and glass
Structured Tasting
Barrell Ride
Whisky Quiz
Discount Voucher for Shop
World’s largets collection of Scotch Whisky
his tour includes

More Information

Scotland is a land famous for many wonderful things. Sean Connery, deep-fried pizza, and of course fine Scotch whisky. When in Scotland do as the Scots do and experience the sights, sounds, and smells of Scotch whisky on our great 2 hour VIP whisky tour and tasting.

On arrival, you will be welcomed in fine Scottish tradition with a wee dram of blended whisky, what else. This will help set the tone for a fun-filled day ahead for the lads. Next, enjoy a fully guided private tour of the replica whisky heritage facility which includes a tutored tasting of 2 single malts. The attraction which brings 300 years of Scotch Whisky history to life, is a fun experience, which will increase your knowledge and enjoyment of Scotland’s Whiskies.

Along the way, you will enjoy a swirling, bubbling barrel ride through a replica distillery as you become part of the whisky making process. You will to discover the background to Scotland’s national drink. You are then guided through the tasting by our professionally-trained staff in one of our private function rooms. You’ll hear the stories behind this magical craft, with expert tour guides and whisky advisors with you every sip of the way. You’ll discover the aromas and flavours that appeal to your palate and lead you to your perfect Single Malt Whisky.

Our Sensory Perception Quiz helps break the ice and raise the team spirit, with prizes for the most accurate answers to an aroma test. Our whisky expert then shows your guests how to nose and taste four single malt whiskies from each of Scotland’s four main Whisky-producing regions: Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside and Islay.
Guests are tutored through the five stages of appreciating Scotch Whisky: colour, body, nose, palate, and finish. The Whiskies chosen illustrate regional differences, wood finishes, differing ages of maturation, and methods of production.
At the end of the event, you will receive a miniature of whisky and a whisky glass. Enough said!.

If you take Irn Bru in your whisky this is not the tour for you.

Whisky Tasting Edinburgh

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