Zorbing in Edinburgh

What's Included?

Sphereing – 2 Rolls per person
safety gear as required
All the kit you need to take part
Qualified instruction and supervision
Public liability insurance

More Information

Zorbing in Edinburgh is the latest fun activity. Also known as Sphering it involves strapping yourself into a giant rubber ball and rolling down a hill at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour. Just like the invention of the wheel it is simple but brilliant. If that does not provide enough adrenaline you must be an adrenaline junky. So you might want to try some extreme zorbing options such as Harness Zorbing with a friend or Eclipse Zorbing. This is where you roll down the hill in the pitch dark created by our blacked out ball.
Grab a friend or unsuspecting relative. Climb inside the Sphere and hold your breath as you tumble at great speed down the glorious Scottish hillside!. Two rolls and you’ll be addicted. Described by one participant as “truly the best thing I have ever done”. Zorbing has to be experienced to be believed.
Zorbing was introduced to the UK by those Adrenalin addicts in New Zealand. It has quickly become a big favourite with people hunting for a unique experience. Sphering and Zorbing are essentially the same activity – you climb into an inflatable ball (Zorb or Sphere) and roll down a hill screaming your head off like a lunatic!
We offer several different sphering days. Options include eclipse sphereing where you fall down the hill in daytine darkness or harness sphereing for those who want the safety of being harnessed to the inflatable ball.
Zorbing in Edinburgh is a great experience. Try something unique and completely different to any other thrill day out. We guarantee you will never forget the day you and a friend speedily rolled down a hill in a giant inflatable sphere. Perfect for stag and hen groups or for a lads adventure day out.
You don’t have to be mad to do this but it definlately helps. Don’t forget to bring old warm clothes and a pair of strong boots.
Our venue is situated in the heart of Central Scotland, about 60 minutes from Edinburgh . You can either arrange you own transport or we can arrange for our luxury mini bus will collect you at your accommodation and get youto and from the event.
PACKAGES – Sphereing is included in our Adrenaline Rush 2 night multi activity package
£50 per person – 2 Rolls per person
£70 per person – transport included

Zorbing in Edinburgh

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