Edinburgh Stag and Hen provide quality Stag and Hen events and activities in Edinburgh, Scotland and the surrounding area.

Yes, because you need to know what you can properly expect of us and we need to know what we can reasonably expect of you


In these conditions –
‘We’ and ‘us’ means Edinburgh Stag and Hen Company see www.edinburghstag.com

‘You’ means the person who has completed the on-line booking form and each and every member of the group on whose behalf the Group Contact has signed. If the booking form is signed on behalf of a limited company and that is clear on the booking form, “You” means that company. If we accept a booking by telephone or by the Internet ‘You’ means the person making the booking.

Once your deposit has been paid and your booking has been confirmed with our Confirmation Notice Email. The Group Contact is obliged to pay us all monies due under this agreement, this is of course subject to the cancellation terms set out below. If other members of the group decide not to proceed or claim a refund or if we agree to accept payments from them or if their credit card company grants them a refund, the Group Contact remains liable. We will credit any payments received from individuals towards the group booking price against the Group Contacts obligations.

No binding agreement will be in place until we receive a non-refundable deposit of 25% of booking value per person. Final numbers must be confirmed and the balance must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the event or activity. If the booking is made within 4 weeks of the event or activity, payment in full is required at the time of booking.

We organise Stag and Hen weekends using suppliers and accommodations in the Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

RISK – Our Responsibility?
Through our agents we organise a wide variety of events. Some of them involve a degree of risk to you of physical injury or damage to property. We do not accept liability for the negligence of any other persons.

In order to reduce risk the following conditions will apply –
Our agents reserve the right to withdraw you from an event if you do not honour your behavior obligations or are not in teir opinion fit enough to participate (see section below ‘What Do You Agree To Do’) Occasionally our suppliers may (because of the risky nature of an event) may require you to sign a disclaimer releasing them from liability for loss suffered in the course of an event. We will not be liable for any loss you may suffer if you fail to sign such disclaimer whether such loss occurs under this agreement or otherwise.

RISK – Your Responsibility?
Our agents do all they reasonably can to reduce the risk to you. If they have done that and are not negligent, you will take responsibility for any risks involved in participation in any event. Many events and activities require a good level of fitness strength and endurance and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate level. Many events are not recommended for those with any disability, illness or infirmity. You should check with your doctor that you are sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the event or activity. If you are disabled or less mobile we will be pleased to help you to select particular events or activities which are suitable to your requirements. Behaviour

Many events and activities require a high level of concentration and the use of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden and if you or any member of your party have, at the discretion of our suppliers, been using drink or drugs, they reserve the right to cancel your participation forthwith, and no refunds will be paid.

If any member of your group is under eighteen or has any existing medical condition which may affect their ability to participate fully in an event. You must let us know

” To behave at all times in a safe and courteous manner.
” To obey the proper instructions of any supervisor or activity leader.
” To dress and equip yourself suitably for any event when we indicate prior to the event that special clothing or equipment is to be provided by you.
” To use safety equipment as instructed and not tamper with or abuse it.
” To compensate our contractors or us for any damage caused by you in the course of an event.
” To pay any refundable security bond required on arriving at your accommodation

Any damage caused by the lead person or any of the participants of an activity or event will be charged directly to the lead person. This will include any intentional damage or damage arising from unreasonable behaviour to suppliers’ equipment, machinery, furnishings (including accommodation hostels, hotels and apartments) and public areas within the facilities booked by you. The management of our suppliers have the right to refuse ongoing services or entry to their premises to any individual whose behaviour is in their sole opinion inappropriate.
All persons attending an event organised by Ed Stag and Hen are responsible for organising their own insurance covering the risk of participation in the event or activity. We ask that all participants are fully and adequately insured.

Cancellation costs us money and there needs to be an agreed cancellation policy. You and we agree the following:
Any cancellation must be phoned in and emailed by the Group Contact
Depending on the date of cancellation, you must pay the following cancellation charge:
Date of Cancellation Cancellation Charge
More than 28 days before the event ” 25% of the total Package Cost
Between 28 days and 15 days before the event ” 50% of the total Package Cost
Less than 15 days before the event ” The whole of the total Package Cost
If you wish to cancel on behalf of only some members of the group then the cancellation charges outlined above will apply pro rata but we may become entitled to cancel the event (see below).
Any date, timing or element alteration to a booking amounts to a cancellation of the original booking and we reserve the right to apply the cancellation charges under this agreement. We will endeavour to accommodate your requests.

In most cases neither you nor we are entitled to cancel because of adverse weather conditions. For some events if the safety risks are, in our discretion, unacceptable, we reserve the right to cancel the event. If we do cancel in such circumstances, we will make every effort to reschedule the event for another date or provide an alternative activity. We will not be obliged to give any refund if we cancel an event because of adverse weather conditions. This will also apply to any rescheduled event.
Unless we cancel in the circumstances described above, we may chose to cancel if:

” For reasons beyond our control, we cannot organise the event or the proposed venue for the event is unavailable.
” You or we become insolvent or in the case of an individual, you become subject to a bankruptcy petition.
” We believe that the booking, any of those associated with it, or the purpose of the booking might damage our reputation.
” We decide that any reduction in numbers from the original booking makes the event uneconomical or impractical, or if you fail to pay on time.
” Unless we cancel because of safety risks associated with the weather (when we will reschedule) or because of a reduction in numbers (when a cancellation charge may apply) if we cancel, we will refund all advance payments made by you and will not have any further liability to you. If an event is cancelled by a third party or for any cause beyond our control, our liability to you will be limited to the amount of the advance payments made by you. We will not be liable for any other losses that you may incur.

A deposit of 25% of the total booking value is payable when you confirm your booking. The remainder of the total booking value is payable no later than four weeks before the scheduled event or such later date as we specify in writing as the final date for payment in our written confirmation of booking. Initial deposits can be paid by credit card but balance must be paid by cheque or Bank Transfer. Returned cheques will be subject to a £20 administrative charge.
If you do not pay us within the time limits that we specify you may jeopardise our ability to provide the event and we have the right to provide alternatives to all or part of the original booking. If the full payment is not received by the time specified, we have the right to treat all or part of the booking as cancelled and you will be liable for the cancellation charges due to us under this agreement.



Yes within limits. We reserve the right to change accommodation to other accommodation of similar quality with similar access to any activities that we agree to arrange. If an event within a package, which we organise, becomes unavailable for reasons beyond our control, we will have the choice of organising an alternative activity (in consultation with you) or making a proportional refund. If we decide that such event is a subsidiary and not a principal part of any package, we will not be obliged and you will not be entitled to cancel the whole package.

We think that the above terms and conditions are fair. Now that you have read them, please sign and return the Booking Form so that we know you have understood and agreed to our booking conditions. If you wish to book by telephone or via the Internet it is understood that you have read and accept Edinburgh Stag and Hen Company’s Terms and Conditions.

Customer Reviews


Latest Reviews

STEVE 01/04/2023

Great experience and very enjoyable
Great experience and very enjoyable. Good set of lads that run the highland games.
Would highly recommend

Date of experience: April 01, 2023

Trustpilot Steven & Jayne, Bolton 03/05/2022

We had a great Stag weekend with my friends. We had our weekend booked and organised just before lockdown. Clearly these were uncertain times and two years later I decided to reorganise the weekend when restrictions eased John was very accommodating and everything ran smoothly. Activities included a group meal on the Friday night, Hearts FC hospitality package on the Saturday afternoon before a Babes bar crawl on the Saturday night (Which ensured 22 lads were kept together and we gained entry without fuss to all bars and night clubs) All the lads enjoyed the weekend

Nadene Gray 02/05/2022

I couldn’t thank John at Edinburgh…
I couldn’t thank John at Edinburgh enough. He went to great lengths to help book our mini Highland Games day. We had so much fun. 5 star ⭐️

Andy Baldwin 02/05/2022

Fantastic Stag Do
John was fantastic with the organisation of the stag do. We tried out the mini highland games for 9 of us, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and really bought out a competitive nature in everyone. Would recommend this event to everyone! The transport was great too, right on time and the driver was very pleasant.

Sophie 03/05/2022

Highland Games review
Really enjoyed the Mini Highland Games as part of a Hen weekend. Staff were great and got everyone involved. Organising was made really easy by John who was great in adjusting our booking and organising the transport.

Ryan Brookes 03/05/22

Helpful and Easy
John was very helpful throughout and made sure everything ran smoothly. Perhaps a little slow to respond at times, but always helpful and made sure our weekend went as well as possible.

Joseph Gough 11/10/2021

5-star review of edinburghstag.com:
We did the Mini Highland Games and also the Paintballing through John at Edinburgh Stag & Hen Do Co. Both things went off without a hitch and the travel to and fro was perfectly on time. We also booked the accommodation on Gilmore Pl. With 18 fellas on the trip the accommodation had it's own key pad systems for each room and for the front door! No need to be bothering anyone about lost keys etc.

James F 04/10/2021

Highly Recommended!
We booked the Highland games followed by a whiskey tasting and it was fantastic! The day went seamlessly, we were picked up from where we requested by a minivan and then taken to the games which were run by a fantastic instructor, then back to the centre where we had the whiskey tasting. John was quick to respond, easy to get in touch with and organised everything we needed for a great day. He went above and beyond with recommendations on places to go and eat/drink too, would highly recommend anyone wanting to book a stag do in Edinburgh to use him! Thank you!

Joanne Ritchie 30/09/2021


What a fantastic day. We did the mini Highland games for my sister’s hen. Everyone absolutely loved it. Everything was well organised and it was a right laugh and we got to try lots of different activities. This suited our group as we had mix ages and one member of the group was pregnant so people were able to sit out certain activities if they didn’t feel up to it. Was lovely getting out of the city for a while and we got a stunning day for it. Thank you all again for such a great experience. We will definitely recommend this to friends.

James Gutteridge 30/09/2021

The Mini Highland games were so much fun! The stag group I was with had a great time and really thought it was the highlight of our weekend-long trip to Edinburgh. The drive out from Edinburgh was just over an hour and our large group of 12 people meant that we had about 2 hours at the farm taking part in the games, which was well worth it. The setting was great and we really leant into the team spirit - as well as insulting each other all through the event, which really got everyone laughing. Really really great time. Highly recommend!