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Surround yourself with good company and great authentic Mediterranean food.  Have it served right to the centre of your table.  Experience a fantastic Tapas night in Edinburgh. There really is nothing quite like having fun with your friends whilst you sample the friendly Mediterranean style of eating. Just dip in with some bread, your fork, your hands or anything else you find lying around and enjoy a great Spanish Tapas night.

What Are Tapas?

Tapas are Spanish appetizers or hors d’oeuvres.  A few of these tasty little dishes selected from an infinite variety can make a full meal.

Long before the discovery of America it was obligatory for innkeepers to serve food with wine.  A tasty morsel of cured ham, chorizo, cheese or olives were served on a small plate which covered the jug of wine like a lid, top or “tapa.”

Tapas are an extension of the spontaneous Spanish character.  Chosen and eaten at whim.  Accompanied by wine, sherry, beer or sangria, to be shared with friends in a convivial setting, with folk songs, dance and lively conversation.

A quick look at our menus will show how we try to create a tempting and delicious blend of flavours.  Tapa Night Edinburgh find just the right balance between the cuisine and culture of vibrant Spain.

So forget the traditional way of ordering meals with starters and main courses and treat yourself to a memorable Mediterranean meal experience at one of the 3 great ‘hen friendly’ Tapas Bar’s we use.

Cost : 25 GB Pounds per person


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